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Repairing a Noisy Wine Cooler

Do You Have a Noisy Wine Cooler?


A wine cooler is an incredibly convenient appliance that makes it easy to have chilled wine on hand at all times. Whether you are planning ahead for company or if you decide to have wine out of the blue, a wine cooler allows you to have wine pre-chilled to the perfect drinking temperature whenever you are ready to enjoy it.


In an ideal world, a wine cooler will provide many years of quiet and efficient operation to meet all of your wine chilling needs. It will be seen and not heard. The level of noise that comes from a wine cooler can vary greatly; some produce low humming noises that can barely be heard, while others may be significantly louder even when it is brand new.


Similar to a noisy refrigerator, a noisy wine cooler can be very disruptive and distracting. If you have a wine cooler that has increased noise levels, either suddenly or over time, it may be due to an issue with the components of the cooler that require repair. Instead of simply replacing a noisy wine cooler, it may be a relatively simple fix to effectively restore the wine cooler back to its lower noise levels. There are expert appliance repair services in the GTA to diagnose and handle any issues you have with noisy wine coolers as well as other appliances.



Common Causes of Noisy Wine Coolers


Wine coolers are often susceptible to the same common problems encountered with fridges. Here are the most common causes of a noisy wine cooler:


Excessive fan noise – the fan is used to circulate cool air throughout the wine cooler. When the fan is not properly aligned or needs to be replaced, the unit may make excessive noise. A repair technician can either properly align the existing fan or replace it if necessary to eliminate excessive fan noise.


Condenser fan – The most common types of wine coolers have condensers and a condenser fan. A condenser fan may create extra noise when it is not properly functioning. The condenser fan may cause noise if it needs to be replaced or if it is dirty.


Compressor noise –Wine coolers will have normal operating noise as the compressor cycles on and off. If there is excessive noise, the compressor may have an issue that requires repair.



Repairing Your Noisy Wine Cooler


There are a number of options for repair services across the GTA. It is important to find the right repair company with experience fixing wine coolers with a proven history of excellent customer service.


The top appliance repair services will offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the repair work that is completed along with an excellent warranty that goes above industry standards. Excellent customer service includes honesty and transparency during the entire appliance repair process with objective pricing for the services. It should also include demonstrated respect for the condition of every client’s home.


You don’t have to tolerate a noisy wine cooler and you have options other than replacing it. Discover the professional appliance repair services from the top companies servicing the GTA today. 

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